Your Home Energy Checklist: Energy Saving Tips

home energy checklist

People love to make lists, whether it’s a grocery list or a to-do list. But have you thought about making a Home Energy Checklist? If you are into cutting energy ...

Keep Your Pets Cool And Safe: Summertime Tips

dog in pool

Summertime means warmer weather and more fun outdoor activities. And who doesn’t want to include their pet in all the fun? During the summer always remember that your pet deals ...

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Are You Prepared?

hurricane on the map

  Should you stay and ride out the storm, or should you evacuate? Always pay close to attention to your local radio and new channels to determine how significant the ...

Message from the CEO


  The holidays are right around the corner and winter is finally here! With the holidays comes family gatherings, lots of baking and plenty of gift wrapping. At XOOM Energy, ...

Energy Tech: Top 5 Products to Make Your Home Energy Conscious


Turning on the air conditioner, having a lamp plugged in, and watering your lawn all have one thing in common; they all cost money. That’s why we have done the ...

The Future of Solar


The year 2015 was a record-breaking year for solar energy and it is only expected to sky rocket. According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, “The U.S. solar market has ...