Energy Savers

LED Myths: Know the Truth About LED Lighting

LED light bulb

Waiting because LEDs are continuously changing. According to the Department of Energy, “LED lighting technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years.” While this is accurate, a lot of ...

What Eco-friendly Energy Products does XOOM Energy Offer?

renewable energy

For starters, it’s good to know what makes the product green. Electricity and natural gas products differ in terms of how they are defined as eco-friendly. A green electricity product ...

Energy Saving Tips for the Workplace


Own a small business and want to save on your energy bills? Or do you work in a corporate environment where you’ve thought about suggesting recycling? Saving energy runs hand ...

Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays


Holidays are fast approaching which means more cooking, more lights, and more guests meaning you’ll be using more energy than you normally do throughout the year. XOOM Energy has the ...

Last Minute Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas


Not sure what to buy for your friends and family this holiday season? Have you thought about items that are energy efficient? You wouldn’t just be giving one item, but ...

Repair or Replace Household Appliances


Is your disposal not working like it used to? Or is your dishwasher just not getting the job done? The trick is knowing when to repair the appliance and when ...