Energy Efficiency

Save with Spring Cleaning: Energy Saving Tips

Piggy Bank with Lightbulbs

Spring is here and so is the season for cleaning! We know it’s not what everyone wants to be doing while the weather is finally starting to warm up, but ...

Hole in One: Golfing is Going Green

Golf Course

The sport of golf is accustomed to being under scrutiny when it comes to being eco-friendly, or lack thereof. Many golf courses and players of the game have taken strides ...

Water Saving Tips: Designed for Your Sprinkler System

Automatic Irrigation System

An automatic sprinkler system can make watering your lawn easier, but it can also make it easier to forget about, as it becomes a scheduled routine. The trick is to ...

LED Myths: Know the Truth About LED Lighting

LED light bulb

Waiting because LEDs are continuously changing. According to the Department of Energy, “LED lighting technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years.” While this is accurate, a lot of ...

Four Questions You’ve Had About Solar

solar panels yellow house

Are tax credits available for buying a solar system? Yes! It is called “Solar Investment Tax Credit.” The Solar Energy Industries Association explains that the ITC is a 30% tax ...

What Eco-friendly Energy Products does XOOM Energy Offer?

renewable energy

For starters, it’s good to know what makes the product green. Electricity and natural gas products differ in terms of how they are defined as eco-friendly. A green electricity product ...