Energy Efficiency

Tips to Transition from AC to Heat

heating and cooling

When it’s time to let your air conditioning unit take a rest, you should start thinking about how best to make the transition smoothly. You may not be making the ...

Is your home green?

green home

Creating a green home is more than just recycling. There are plenty of other factors regarding your home to consider it green. XOOM Energy has compiled a checklist for you! ...

Your Home Energy Checklist: Energy Saving Tips

home energy checklist

People love to make lists, whether it’s a grocery list or a to-do list. But have you thought about making a Home Energy Checklist? If you are into cutting energy ...

Summer Is Here: Energy Saving Tips

Sunny Thermostat Lemonade

Summer has snuck up on us and we want you to be prepared! The weather will continue to get warmer, causing your air conditioner to kick into high gear. There ...

Pool Season: Energy Saving Tips

cleaning swimming pool

Owning your own swimming pool is a great addition to any home. Whether for exercise or entertaining friends, a pool always adds value. But a swimming pool can be pricey ...

Recycling Household Appliances and Electronics: Small or Large

recycle household appliances

Recycling isn’t just for paper and plastic. Electronics also need to be disposed of properly. For example, computers contain many chemicals and materials that are hazardous to the environment. Many ...