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Holiday Decorating: Energy Saving Tips

Thanksgiving has passed which means the lights and holiday decorations are going up! Before you go grab your decorations from the attic, take a minute to evaluate if your decorations are energy efficient. We have the top three tips to help you save on energy during this holiday season so there are no surprises when you open your January energy bill!


The Obvious Choice

It’s a no-brainer that Christmas lights cause your energy bill to increase. But did you know that LED lights use less energy? According to, LED lights use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs. They’re also brighter, eco-friendly, and safer because they’re much cooler than incandescent lights, making LED lights a good choice this holiday season.


Timing is Everything

What is the point of having your lights on display when no one is awake to see them? No need to keep them on once you’re asleep. Setting timers keep you from having to worry about when they need to be turned on and remembering to turn them off before you get some shuteye, especially if you’re away from the house but don’t want to seem like a Scrooge. Timers can also help you save on your energy bill during the holiday season. If your home is a Smart Home and you’re already accustomed to WiFi-enabled plugs, these would be perfect for timing your lights and easily accessible with your smartphone.


Traditional Options

Not all holiday decorations have to light up to be festive and beautiful. Ribbons, wreaths, and garland are great additions to any home. Reflective ornaments and tinsel are great for reflecting the light around them and adding a bit of shine without using any electricity.