Thanksgiving 101: Energy Saving Tips

Halloween has flown by and Thanksgiving is sneaking up fast! Is your house prepared to host your family and friends or is it ready for you to go on vacation? Whether you’re staying home during the holiday or traveling, there are a few things you can do to save on energy.


Before the Guests Arrive

Plan your menu around what items can be cooked together. If you cook dishes at the same temperature at the same time, you can reduce the amount of time that oven is in use. Makes cooking quicker, easier and saves energy.

If you’re having a large group over, plan to lower the temperature a bit before they arrive. Once people start arriving, the temperature will automatically rise on its own. This way there is no wasted energy.

While Cooking

You can turn down the temperature of the oven by 25 degrees when you use glass or ceramic dishes. These types of dishes retain heat better than other materials, allowing it to continue cooking even after being removed from the oven.

Use the microwave and slow cooker whenever possible. Not only does a microwave use less energy than a stove or oven, but it also cooks the quickest. If you use a slow cooker, remember not to remove the lid too early for a sneak peek unless you don’t mind adding 2 minutes to your cooking time. Also, remember not to take a sneak peek into the oven unless you want the temperature to drop 25 degrees.

You may not always use a lid when cooking but it will retain the heat of each pot which will save you energy when you’re trying to cook multiple things on the stove while also cutting down on the cook time.

Clean Up

When it’s time to store all the leftovers, remember not to immediately store in the fridge if the item is still hot. Allow the food to cool first to save your fridge from working overtime.

You may have to hand wash some items but if you can use the dishwasher mostly this will save you time, water and energy all in one. Skipping the heated dry cycle will also save on using unnecessary energy. Instead, open the door and let your dishes air dry.