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Tips to Transition from AC to Heat

When it’s time to let your air conditioning unit take a rest, you should start thinking about how best to make the transition smoothly. You may not be making the switch right away but XOOM Energy has the tips for when you do.

Fans and open windows are a big help to ease your air conditioner and home into the new season. When the sun isn’t beating down on your home and it’s cooler at night, think about opening a couple windows to allow a cool breeze in and using the fans in occupied rooms to help circulate. This will take a large burden off your air conditioning unit. If it’s cool enough, you could keep the AC off during the night.

For when the sun is beating down and warming up your home, remember to close the blinds before you head out each day. You most likely got used to doing this during the summer but it’s also great to do during any season to prevent your home from heating up and relying on the AC to keep it cool.

Since your air conditioning unit has been working overtime this summer, make it a priority to doublecheck that your air filters have been replaced. This is essential for your AC to run efficiently and can also impact the health of those who live in the home.

Last but certainly not least. Schedule a maintenance visit for your heating system before you actually need to switch and starting heating your home. It’s better to plan ahead and have it properly running when you need it.