Is your home green?

Creating a green home is more than just recycling. There are plenty of other factors regarding your home to consider it green. XOOM Energy has compiled a checklist for you!


You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to get the cleaning job done. More brands are emerging that are healthy, green and effective. Many are non-toxic, biodegradable, and created from renewable resources. Baking soda and vinegar can also be used as cleaners. When you are replacing your cleaning products, remember to dispose of the unused toxic cleaners properly.

Air Quality

The air in your home is often more toxic than the air outside. Opening your windows allows for fresh air to circulate and helps to push toxins out. You should also avoid air fresheners to clean your indoor air and instead remember to replace your air filters regularly. Having plants can also help with filtering the indoor air.


Keep a lookout for when your appliances need to be swapped out. When it’s time do your research first! Check to see if the appliance is certified by ENERGY STAR. If it’s certified by ENERGY STAR then this will tell you that it is 15% more energy efficient than the minimum federal efficiency standard.

Water Usage

Installing aerators on your faucets and switch out your shower heads to low-flow will help to decrease your home’s water usage. Always wash your clothes in cold water when you can and air-dry when possible.

Green Power

With XOOM Energy you can have your house powered by green, clean sustainable energy. This will also help support and expand the production and distribution of renewable energy technologies. Find out more by visiting