Your Home Energy Checklist: Energy Saving Tips

People love to make lists, whether it’s a grocery list or a to-do list. But have you thought about making a Home Energy Checklist? If you are into cutting energy costs, then it may become your priority list. Often people use energy when they could be conserving it. Check out XOOM Energy’s Home Energy Checklist below!


Unplug devices that you aren’t using. When the electrical devices are plugged in and not being used, they are still consuming energy and costing you money. For example, your coffee maker, chargers, printer, etc., are all devices that are typically plugged in 24/7 but don’t necessarily need to be. Spend an extra second to unplug after using and start saving energy!

Clean or replace the filters in your furnace, air conditioning unit, and heat pump. It’s an easy task to forget about which is why XOOM Energy has partnered with FilterSnap. You choose the air filter size, type, and how often you want them to be delivered and FilterSnap will handle the rest. Receive a continuous 10% discount off each month’s filter refills just for being a XOOM Energy customer!

Turn down your water heater temperature to the warm setting, 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you save energy while also avoiding the risk of scalding your hands. You could also check to see if your water heater has an insulating blanket.

Still using incandescent light bulbs? You may want to research and consider switching to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). CFL light bulbs use less energy, saving you on your energy costs.

Inspect your windows and doors for any leaks. Windows can easily be fixed with caulking or adding a film. Check your doors weather-stripping to see if it needs to be redone.

Replace any outdated or inefficient appliance. Even if it is not broken or damaged, it still would be beneficial and a good investment to replace with a top-efficiency model.