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XOOM Energy: Employee Spotlight

We would like to take a moment to recognize one of our own for the amazing contributions she is making in the community for the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Awareness and Research!

Each year, Patti Kulesa has led the Fort Mill High School Pink Out Committee with raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. Even though her son is now an alumni of FMHS, Patti has continued her commitment to the Pink Out Committee. Recently, the committee was recognized by the Carolina Panthers and the American Cancer Society for being the #1 High School Organization in the nation for raising funds for the NFL and ACS “A Crucial Catch” Campaign. The Pink Cleat Award, along with a letter from Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, recognized the FMHS Pink Out Committee’s accomplishment of raising over $21,000 for the 2016 campaign. This was the second year the FMHS Pink Out Committee was #1 in the nation!

The committee’s goal is to encourage other schools in the nation to join FMHS in raising as much money as possible for the campaign. At the event, an American Cancer Society representative told the committee that their efforts are truly catching the eyes of other schools he is in contact with stating “these schools want to be just like Fort Mill – #1!” This was good news as they were also told that the ACS is seeing a decline in other areas of fundraising.

Patti and the women of her committee are making a real difference! We know several people in our organization have been (or may continue to be) personally impacted by the devastation of breast cancer.  Having a XOOM Energy employee on the front line doing such an amazing job is something we absolutely want to share!

You can check out their Facebook page to stay informed of the different fundraising activities they are engaged in during the year in the Fort Mill area https://www.facebook.com/groups/FMHSPinkOut/ .

Thank you, Patti for your hard work and dedication to this cause that is so important to many of us here at XOOM Energy!