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Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

Holidays are fast approaching which means more cooking, more lights, and more guests meaning you’ll be using more energy than you normally do throughout the year. XOOM Energy has the tips and tricks you need to have all the holiday fun without having a high energy bill sneak up on you.


Decorative Lights

– Use LED lights to decorate your home with. They use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights.

– Use no more than three standard-sized sets of lights per extension cord.

– All lights should contain the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label, which means they meet the UL safety requirements. Be sure the lights you’re buying are for the correct usage. Whether they are indoor, outdoor or can be used for both.

– Check to make sure all outdoor cords, plugs and sockets are waterproof.

– Avoid lighting your tree when you aren’t home and keep your tree watered.

– Automatic timers can help to avoid accidentally leaving your lights on all night and day.


Hosting the Party

– Consider turning the thermostat down when you have guests.

– It takes a lot of energy to heat your oven. Therefore, try and bake several dishes at once to save you time and energy.

– When you aren’t using your oven, use the smaller appliances that can still get the job done while using less energy.

– Keep the lids on your pots. Less energy is used and the food cooks faster.

– Don’t peek at what’s cooking in the oven. Opening the door drops the temperature as much as 25% according to

– When storing leftovers, be sure to let hot food cool off before placing in the fridge.