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Energy Tech: Top 5 Products to Make Your Home Energy Conscious

Turning on the air conditioner, having a lamp plugged in, and watering your lawn all have one thing in common; they all cost money. That’s why we have done the research for you and found the top five products that will make your home more energy conscious while saving you money at the same time.


  1. To be energy conscious, you first need to realize what parts of your house are using the most energy. You can do this with the Kill A Watt® EZ. With the energy monitor, you can track the usage of your appliances and technology devices individually to find out where you’re using the most energy.
  1. You may notice that plugged in devices that are not in use still use consume energy. Technology such as televisions, DVD players, lamps, and speakers, etc. are continuously plugged in but not always on, just on stand-by. The Smart Power Strips have solved that problem. For example, with a Smart Power Strip, you can have a device that you aren’t using, plugged in, and when the power consumption drops the circuitry detects the drop and cuts the power to that specific outlet that it is plugged into. Saving you energy which saves you money.


  1. If you have devices that you’d like to have control over remotely from your phone you can use the Belkin WeMo Switch. With the WeMo Switch you can turn electronics on or off from anywhere. The switch uses your home Wi-Fi which allows you to have control of your devices even when you aren’t at home. Making it convenient and easy to use.
  1. But you may want to control your entire house and not just certain appliances. If that is the case, the Harmony Hub is what you need. It allows you to combine entertainment, lighting, locks, blinds and more. It is also compatible with certain thermostats, Apple TV®, Roku®, and Sonos®. This device allows you to control your thermostat even when you’re at work and allowing you to control what’s on and off, making your home energy conscious.
  1. You can also be energy conscious on the outside of your home as well. Watering your lawn or washing your car cost quite a bit of money over time. With a Rainwater Harvesting System you can store and reuse the rainwater which will end up costing you a total of zero dollars.