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Message From The CEO: Welcoming Fall

The air is getting cooler and soon the leaves will begin to turn which are the first signs that fall has arrived. We at XOOM Energy are excited for cooler weather, football games and the holidays that follow.

A lot has happened over the past couple of months. To start, May marked XOOM Energy’s first expansion internationally into Alberta, Canada. With the addition of six utilities in Alberta, XOOM Energy now services 90+ utility markets across North America. Residents and businesses in Alberta can now choose fixed and variable rate products for both natural gas and electricity services.

We are also excited to announce that XOOM Energy is now offering electricity to Maryland customers in First Energy-Potomac Edison, as well as New Jersey customers in Rockland Electric. XOOM Energy is now available to six new energy markets in Pennsylvania as well, offering electricity to customers of Penn Power and UGI Electric and natural gas to customers of Equitable Gas, UGI Central Penn, UGI Gas, and UGI Penn Natural Gas. With XOOM Energy’s exceptional growth, we continue to strive for our vision to be a leading provider of energy solutions and exceed expectations for our customers.

Following the celebration of the launch into new markets, XOOM Energy also celebrated five years in the energy industry on July 28th, 2016! These first five years have flown by, but looking back we have grown and accomplished so much. Five years later, XOOM Energy services 92 utility markets throughout North America and employees over 180 team members in the Charlotte, NC metro area. If that wasn’t enough to celebrate, XOOM Energy was also ranked on the Inc. 5000 list for the second consecutive year.

None of XOOM Energy’s success would be possible without our loyal customers and we will continue to strive each day to offer quality products and services to all of our valued customers. Which is why XOOM Energy has partnered with FilterSnap to offer our customers a 10% discount on their air and furnace filter delivery. FilterSnap is a company that delivers replacement filters on an automatic schedule, eliminating the need for homeowners to shop for filters or remember when they are due for a filter change. We know our customers lead busy lives and we at XOOM Energy want you to have one less thing to worry about. Learn more by visiting

Tom Ulry
CEO, XOOM Energy