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Be Prepared This Winter

Say goodbye to warm weather and hello to cooler temperatures. With the temperatures dropping comes the cost of heating our homes. Winter bills are known to be a little high, but before winter sneaks up on you, here are a few tips to keep your home warm without spending more on heating costs.

Turn down the thermostat at night. You could save 10% a year on your heating costs by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for a full 8 hours. Invest in flannel sheets and a warm comforter for your bed and start saving this winter.

Don’t waste your heat. Close and seal off the vents in the rooms you don’t use. If your guest rooms or bonus rooms don’t get used that often, then you’re wasting your heat. Sealing them will direct the flow of air to the rooms you use most. Why heat the rooms you aren’t in and waste money in the long term?

Add moisture. In the winter your home can become very dry. Investing in a humidifier can help with this. Moist air holds heat better which can make you feel more comfortable when your thermostat is set lower. Remember to only have it turned on in the rooms that are being used, otherwise, there’s no point in having it on.

Keep fire damper closed (unless a fire is burning). Keeping your fire damper open is the same as keeping a window open and that could cost you big bucks in a month’s time. Leaving the damper open allows cold air into your house causing your heater to work overtime to heat your home.


Ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer. Set the fan to operate in a clockwise direction. This will allow the warm air to be pushed down into the room away from the ceiling. But don’t forget to turn the ceiling fans off when no one is in the room.

Curtains are key. Keep them open during the day to heat your home with sunlight. This type of heating your home is essentially free! Then, at night, close them tight to prevent drafts and letting cool air in. Think of it as your winter routine.

Don’t just try one; instead try a couple that you think will work for your home. Trying multiple tips could work together to save you money in the end. Stick to these tips and tricks, and you’ll have a warm home without the high costs tacked on to it.