Energy Savings Infographic
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Graphic: 8 Ways to Lower Summer Bills

8 ways to save energyMaximize your spring cleaning efforts this year by going beyond aesthetic fixer-uppers such as dusting and reorganizing. Seize the opportunity to improve your home’s functionality by tackling bigger projects that will help keep your home cool despite rising temperatures outdoors.


Program Your Thermostat

Reduce about $180 a year in energy costs by installing and properly using a programmable thermostat to keep you home cool on your schedule.

Go Off Standby

Power strips allow you to turn off multiple devices when they’re not in use. An estimated $11 billion is spent on standby power in the U.S. annually

Close the Gaps

Save up to $200 a year in heating and cooling by properly sealing doors and windows, which enables better indoor air circulation while keeping external air out.

Order a Systems Check

Avoid losing up to 30% of cooling and heating efficiency. Annual inspections will help ensure that the system is properly installed and leak-free.

Pull on the Shades

For your windows, that is. Unshaded windows allow between 75-80% of transmitted solar energy through – vertical or venetian blinds only allow 0-5% through.

Look to the Stars

Save nearly $750 over the lifetime if ENERGY STAR appliances, fans and electronics, which are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption.

Seal It Up

Save up to $200 a year in heating and cooling bills by sealing up, then insulating your home’s attic, basement or crawlspace to keep cool air in.

Turn Down the Heat

Chances are, your water heater is set to a higher temperature than necessary. Turn it to a cooler 120 degrees – comfortable for you and your wallet.

Bonus: Check Out XOOM Rates

Take a look at what options you have with our fixed energy rates. You can choose a fixed rate for your electricity and natural gas service and lock in a rate for 12 months. A fixed rate will not rise even as the weather and demand is changing. Compare options now and see what the current choices and energy rates are in your market.